Studios Without Walls is a Brookline-based collaborative group of sculptors and conceptual artists who produce exhibitions of art in outdoor and public settings. We emphasize our community ties in both our exhibitions and programs of educational outreach. Our purpose is to expand and educate audiences to appreciate, participate in, and become enriched by site-responsive sculpture, installation, and conceptual art.

We have been producing exhibitions together since 1997 – originally at Allandale Farm in conjunction with Brookline Artists Open Studios – and consistently adding additional exhibitions and venues. All members all share in the annual determination of priorities and planning of the exhibits and receive feedback and stimulation from one another throughout the year.

We seek to project a full and lively presence, increasing public visibility of creative thinking at work. We emphasize creative dialogue with the community-at-large, continuing to investigate opportunities for public art and elevating public discourse on the arts. 

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Bette Ann Libby / 2010 exhibit "Temporary Sculpture Along the Muddy River"

Bette Ann Libby / 2010 exhibit
"Temporary Sculpture Along the Muddy River"